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More sport and exercise in everyday life

A lack of physical exercise can pose a risk to health. That is why sport and exercise in everyday life are becoming ever more important. An appropriate diet is beneficial. We work with you to develop suitable products!

Conscious nutrition and naturalness

Ever more people are paying attention to their diet and place great emphasis on the naturalness of the products they consume. Preservatives, artificial flavourings and additives are being increasingly avoided. Fruit powders and fruit pieces are becoming popular. Develop contemporary products with us!

Functional food

The term ‘functional food’ is used to describe foods that have a functional use. An example of these are so-called superfoods such as chia seeds, maca powder and wheatgrass powder. We are happy to advise you individually on the right ingredients for your product.

Age-specific nutrition concepts

Diet plays an important role even, or rather especially, in old age. Because older people consume less food, nutritional deficiencies that pose a health risk can quickly arise. Work with us to develop unique products with individual benefits!