Sports nutrition

When it comes to sports nutrition, a distinction is drawn between strength training and endurance training. Each product has its own requirements and uses specific ingredients.

Hypertrophy & strength training

In order to build muscle (hypertrophy) and maintain it, it is important to consume sufficient protein. One can also consume collagen hydrolysate to maintain healthy bones and joints.

Animal-based protein sources
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Chicken protein
  • Collagen hydrolysate
Vegan protein sources
  • Rice protein concentrate
  • Pea protein concentrate
  • Lupine protein
  • Hemp protein
  • Algae protein

Suitable for vegans
and people with lactose intolerance

Energy & endurance

To increase endurance, the following ingredients can also boost performance in the short term.


Dextrose is a type of sugar that can be quickly absorbed by the body and thus provides immediate energy.


Caffeine is a stimulant, thereby helping against physical fatigue and improving concentration.

Whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate helps to build and maintain muscle mass.

L-Glutamic acid

L-Glutamic acid is an important stimulating neuro-transmitter in the human central nervous system. It helps regenerate muscle when the muscle tissue is fatigued. L-Glutamic acid is the most common amino acid in the blood and muscle tissue.


Maltodextrin is a type of sugar and classed as a quick-digesting carbohydrate. It is not as sweet as dextrose, for example, and has a neutral flavour. Maltodextrin is a suitable source of energy for top athletic performance.